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TrackIT Scan for iOS
Some of the latest enhancements to TrackIT Scan include:

A Search Screen was added to the system to allow real time item searches. Search criteria can include a tracking number, a name or partial name, status, group, location, type, vendor, or text in a note.

Once the search has returned, items can be edited, or selected and sent to a multiple selection edit screen. Updates are real time or if the device is not connected to the internet, they are saved for later synchronization.

The Signature Capture Screen now renders in Landscape mode to allow more room to enter a signature.

An option was added to the transactional screens to be able to turn off the confirmation alert when updating transactions. A sound alert will play when the popup alert is turned off.

We also changed the user field that is used for Room, PO etc. so it will accept alpha-numeric characters.

An option was added to turn off the Network Connection check to allow alternative connections to wifi. It was also changed so that Listbox values will not close when a user is scrolling the screen down in Transactional screens such a Receive, Edit and Deliver. Finally, transaction audit information was updated to include the user id of the person logged into the system.

A switch was added to the Log On screen to allow a user to stay logged on to the system.

An option was added to the Transactional screens such as Receive and Deliver to be able to do real time updates or save the transaction to the local device and use the Synchronize screen to apply updates.

An option was added to the Transactional screens to keep selected values such as location, group, type and attached names after an update.

The system now checks for an internet connection before it attempts to call the Web API to avoid getting a non-responding screen when there is no connection to the internet.

An option was added to the Transactional Screens to scan an Update Bar code which will update the system the same as pressing the Update button.
FedEx Insight has been replaced
If you currently download incoming package information from FedEx Insight, they have replaced this process with a new program called Advanced Shipment Tracking. You can still download incoming package information, but there is a setup process that must be completed, and the download procedure has changed. The following documents can guide you through the new process.

Please contact TrackIT Support at (801) 737-5555 if you have any questions or problems with this transition.
Version 8.1.0
Welcome to TrackIT! We have moved out our latest version (8.1.0). Changes to this version were focused on the User Interface to make the screens adaptive based on the client Screen size. Navigation was also changed based on the user’s security access. Finally, the Transactional screens such as Receive, Edit and Deliver were changed to use the Mobile Screen definitions contained in Systems Defaults. These screens can be easily customized to contain only the fields and validations you need. If you need an additional custom transactional screen, let us know and we can easily add it for you. If you have any questions or problems, please call our support line at (801) 737-5555. You can also send us a message from TrackIT once you are logged on under User – Contact Us .
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